Saturday, May 24, 2008

1316 Oxford Place - $584,000.00

MLS #453654
4 Bedrooms, 31/2 Baths
Year Built: 1952
Acre: .57

This house is on pretty Oxford Place, the one-way horseshoe street that jogs off and back to lovely Oxford Road, in the Rugby area. Just by looking at the pic, and knowing the neighborhood, and realizing we've been in a Bubble, the price doesn't seem to be anything to blink at. Right?

Except: What the hell is going on across the street?

We don't know. As you drive down Oxford Place, almost immediately to your left it's like you're in Belmont or Woolen Mills, back in the day: there's overgrown foliage obscuring an abandoned house and dead cars w/tags expired in 2003. The place is so abandoned that we can't even see a number on the house--we can't even look it up.


1318 Oxford Place, is for sale, too. That's right, the house next door. And both are empty.

But to make things even MORE interesting:

1316 Oxford Place is owned by the same folks as 611 Avon Avenue.

Are you thinking what we're thinking?

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