Friday, May 30, 2008

606 Lexington Avenue - $329,000.00

MLS #453606
3 Bedrooms, 2 Bath
Year Built: 1920
Sq. Ft.: 1438
Acre: .17

We love the North Downtown area, always have, always will (it will never be the laughingstock that our old love, Belmont, has become), but come on: let's be realistic here, too, with the house prices.

The listing reads, "Rare offering on Lexington Avenue in wonderful neighborhood of renovated homes. Charming home has been in the Craft family for many years--now ready for a new owner with vision."

"Rare offering" - What? 744 Lexington is for sale right now--MLS #451324, at $374k. While overpriced, it's immediately liveable.

"Renovated Houses" - There are several nicely done houses nearby, but there are also several shacks that haven't been touched, including the one that shares this house's garage.

"...has been in the Craft family for many years" - Means the place has been in stasis for decades.

" owner with vision"- Means prepare to sink $100-$200K into the place.

As if this isn't enough: from the back yard you can see the Martha Jefferson Hospital Parking lot. It's a nicely landscaped parking lot. But for how much longer will it be merely a partking lot? Martha Jeff is moving to Pantops in 2010. No one knows what will happen to the property. Construction? College Dorm? Corporation?

Like 935 Belmont, the asking on this property should be $199,000.00. In our humble opinion.

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