Saturday, May 24, 2008

611 Avon Street - $494,000.00

October 1 update: August price drop to $465K; went on CL to find a tenant mid-August; now rented.

MLS #453656.
3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
Year Built: 1912
Sq Ft: 2,000
Acreage: .19

Say, does this rehabbed Victorian come with its own crack pipe? Because that's what you'll need to revive yourselves, folks, when you realize this is another example of what a Half Million Dollars can get ya here in Belmont. Makes 702 Belmont seem--almost--reasonably priced.

The realtor's description reads, "The charm of yesterday with every modern convenience--new wiring, heating, plumbing, roof, and appliances."

Well, we certainly hope everything is modern, at this price. The house should be entirely digitized, wired for technology not yet invented. It should have robots.

This baby sold in June 2007 for $235,000.00.

Don't bother whipping out your calculator: That's a difference of $259,000.00 from Current Asking Price.

You could buy two houses in some parts of Charlottesville for these numbers. You could buy a farmette out in the County for this price, and still have enough for your Hybrid.

What the description doesn't say is that this property is ONE HOUSE from the corner of Monticello and Avon. One of the busiest intersections in C'ville. Sadly, there's no front lawn to buffer you.

And you'll also notice, at that OH, recent nearby gang tagging. Look closely at telephone polls, garage walls, and fences.

Garrett Square is just one block away.

Mortgage of about $2,800 a month, with your good credit and 10% down.

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Jivermo said...

September, '08-listing price is "down" to 460,000! Perhaps some enlightenment is occuring with the seller, although, I'm afraid, not much. Hello...anybody home?