Friday, June 13, 2008

626 Booker Street - $147,900.00

MLS #454183
Sq. Ft: 700 ( = $211.00 per square feet)
Year Built: 1920
Acre: .09 (& about 36" from the shack to the left)

We throw the word "shack" around a bit on this blog, as liable to use it to refer to Seven Oaks as to the lowliest pile of bricks.

But there's no other word to describe this particular offering except "Shack." You might add the adjective "Shotgun."

The MLS listing is optimistic in suggesting "Great Lot, you can tear down house and rebuild if more space is need. Property being Sold "AS IS."

Three other properties on the street have been rehabbed. They didn't start as shacks, however; they started as two story houses.

If you're a landgrabber, you need to do your homework about the area and pricing. And history: It's been a Black Neighborhood since just after the Civil War.

Do you really think the families who rely on the neighborhood for community and for affordable housing want you coming in with your Volvo and your Green Building Supplies?

Short Answer: No.

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