Thursday, June 5, 2008

708 Park Street Appears in The Hook

That sad little figure of fun, 708 Park Street, which we regaled on Wednesday, May 14, appears in this week's The Hook (June 5, 2008).

The house is in the "Still Available" feature, which focusses on houses that haven't sold but which were previewed in an earlier Hook. 708 Park appeared in the October 25, 2007 issue.

The current Hook story, however, has some incorrect information. It doesn't mention that

a) the house is under contract (though technically it's still available, since it hasn't closed)
b) it states Current Asking is $559,000.00, when actually it's $529,000.00;
c) it states the Original Asking was $699,000.00.

Actually, Original Asking was the laughable $852,000.00, if you believe Loring Woodriff's MLS listing, which screamed in caps, "PRICE REDUCED $323,000.00"--as if that kind of initial irrational exuberance was something to be proud of....

We're just saying, is all.

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