Monday, June 30, 2008

Bubblicious Houses Across the Country

Real C'ville - The Bubble Blog has a couple of pals from both New York and Los Angeles who sincerely believe that C'ville is just one of their suburbs. So to humor them (especially you, George) we thought we'd offer a look at bubble properties in other cities.

Here's a look at some individual homes in California. All of these houses are jaw-dropping in terms of price. But if you scroll down to #3, you come to a house in the little City of Santa Monica. Santa Monica is part of Los Angeles, and is much like C'ville in terms of residents, politics, restaurants, coffee houses, shopping. It even has a Downtown Mall equivalent, called the Third Street Promenade. The biggest difference? Santa Monica just happens to be right on the Pacific Ocean. The pic on this post is of the famous pier at night.

Enjoy looking at the shacks. Courtesy of Dr. Housing Bubble.


Dave Phillips said...

Thanks for the glimpse at California. I have never understood how they could have the crazy prices they have. They always have several cities ranked in the top 10 most un-affordable communities with San Fran generally leading the way.

This does prove my point that Cville is way better off than many places.

Real C'ville - The Bubble Blog said...

Agreed C'ville is way better off!

That Santa Monica bungalow Asking was $749K.

The lovely & historic Keller House (751 Park) Asking is $769.9K.

While this may not be the "magic number" in the current market (some upgrades needed, buyer getting a jumbo, etc), at least the price is *understandable*!