Thursday, June 5, 2008

Here's "Affordable" For You

MLS #454027
100 Surrey Road
4 bedrooms, 3 baths
Sq. Ft.: 2438
Acre: .34
Year Built: 1965

This listing appeared on just today.

Technically, the house in Albemarle County, not Cville, but it's Zip 22901, just up Barracks Road from the 250 Bypass and the Shopping Center. The price is "right," though none of us here at Real C'ville have yet checked out the place and for all we know, it could be constructed out of cardboard.

The Listing tells us it's a "corner lot," as if this is an asset rather than what it really means, which is that there's lots of traffic as people flee out to the beautiful farmettes that dot Barracks Road, past Foxfield and into the County.

The listing also proclaims that the Asking Price is $100,000.00 less than the last sale price.

Yes, you read that correctly: $100,000.00.

What's going on here? Does this mean from the last time it was on the market recently? Is it a Desperate seller? A Short Sale? A shift into the Fourth Dimension? Or are the robots taking over?

We'll share when we discover. Meanwhile, we'll let Dave P. know....

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