Friday, June 6, 2008

Market Stats for May

We're waiting for the conscientious and reliable Jim Duncan, a local Agent, to post his Market Overview for the month of May, coming this Monday, June 9.

While RE blogs are "selling tools," Jim's offers a plethora of useful info, and it's not a "hard sell." We like this. He also periodically, and metaphorically, wrings his hands at the state of the economy and the market. We always find something interesting on his blog, REALCentralVA.

Of course, Jim's much much much more optimistic than we are here at Real C'ville about the state of the local RE market. And he's not as appalled as we--and many other residents--are about locally inflated prices. But we're both just doing our jobs.

While Jim's blog moniker "Real" refers primarily to the market, our "Real" refers to a number of other C'ville elements. You'll see what we mean in the coming days, and especially in the Fall.

For now, in prep for Monday, take a look at the stats he compiled for April, and earlier median home prices for the Region by clicking here.

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