Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1016 Carlton Ave - cVillain Does the Ranting For Us

MLS #454071
3 Bedrooms, 2 baths
Sq. Ft.: 1128
Acre: .12
Year Built: 1925

Real C'ville - The Bubble Blog thinks this is an adorable bungalow with lots of Curb Appeal.

But therein lies the problem: the location! location! location! of the curb for 1016 Carlton Avenue.

There are four auto services across the road: Eldar's, Cole's, Buck's and Hensley's; the view from the porch is garages and parking lots. Directly behind the property is 1000 Monticello Road aka the subsidized Belmont Apartments. And next door to this is Arcane Technologies. But beautiful "Downtown Belmont" is close by. Perhaps this little house could be the waiting room--or better yet, the restrooms-- for Mas.

Or perhaps 1016 Carlton Avenue could be transported deeper into the heart of Belmont, like the cottage at 306 Palatine Avenue (MLS #452163) (seriously, the cottage was moved there). Otherwise, as a "residence," we wonder who this would appeal to....

While you've read Real C'ville - The Bubble Blog ranting about Belmont several times before, here are the issues put succinctly by that genius, The Neoskeptic, over at cVillain:

You know what I would love to do? Pay too much rent to live in a house that was built before 1920, with no air conditioning, warped floors, and living rooms converted into bedrooms for my 5 friends that moved in to split the rent and share one bathroom. I’d also like teenage drug dealers to go speeding by on their 50cc mopeds at all hours of the night, homeless drunks to stumble by and sit on my front porch in the middle of the afternoon, and my car to get scratched and dented by idiots who can’t parallel park and drive too fast on one-way streets. And, it would be great if some yuppie family from NoVA could by a $100,000 house for half a million, move in, and spend 6 months doing renovations with work crews that start hammering things at 8:00am twenty feet from my bedroom window on a Saturday.

Oh. Wait a minute. That would kind of suck. I kind of feel bad for the people who stuck around the neighborhood post-housing bubble. You’re like the Native Americans that didn’t get out of Lake Huron when the French betrayed you and the English gave you blankets full of smallpox. Whatever happened to them? Oh yeah, there was a movie about them starring Daniel Day Lewis. And that is exactly how history will remember the noble Belmontier who stood up to the unstoppable force of gentrification and inflating real estate prices.

If only 1016 Carlton Avenue was on the market a few years ago, some sweetly-optimistic, newly-married Boho couple would have snapped it up immediately. What's the magic number for this house? We're curious to find out.

Use the US Bank Mortgage Calculator to determine the actual cost of this house over 30 years.


Montpellier said...

How fantastic! It's so heartening to hear other would-be Menckens rant about the silliness that is c'ville uber-hipster angst.

I was at Rapunzel's this weekend, giving a local favorite - Accordion Death Squad - a listen, and overheard a band member chatting with another fan - lamenting the fact that one had to have a friend of a friend with a spare couch before one could affordably live in our wonderful creative bohemian enclave. The whole point of places like Belmont is that they be cheap enough to actually be affordable to starving artists. If I were a creative type, I'd be just a tad PO'ed at the NoVa Yuppies.

James said...

Not only has the Boho enclave that used to be Belmont been eaten alive (it's still somewhat in action on Graves St, though) but I think this property is owned by a 'flipper.'

Do a little online search and you'll see what I mean.

Dow 4,500 said...

Looks like a local Keller Williams Realtor owns this "gem." She's also trying to sell 501 Hanover (listed $389K) with an ad that begins "Only in Charlottesville."

george h said...

there's a lot of care being taken to sell this property.

see the trash bag on the porch in the photo?

still on the porch in real life.

dilbert said...

hasn't the hanover st property been for sale for a long time?

The Neoskeptic said...

genius? i'm so flattered.

great blog. bookmarked.