Sunday, July 20, 2008

One of Our Bubbles Floats Into the New York Times....

As part of the regular feature, "What You Get for..."
In this case, $700,000.00.
Check it out.

[Update: be sure to check out the comments & follow the link in #1. Thanks, Jim!]


Jim Duncan said...

The HooK featured this house a couple of years ago. Some might find this affirming.

George H said...

so a $700,000 house that used to be priced at $849,000 will go for $500,000 if the seller is really lucky (and throws in a Prius???)...and the buyer gets what in a realistic market would be a $300,000--or less--house

i feel like alice in wonderland looking at a treat that says "eat me"

Montpellier said...

Ahahaha...Fantastic! We've arrived!