Monday, July 28, 2008

Suspects Arrested

MLS #451219
606 Monticello Avenue

Suspects arrested in what appears to be gang shooting, according to the Daily Progress:

The suspects are known to associate with Charlottesville-area gangs, police said.

“There appears to have been a conflict between two groups,” Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy J. Longo said. “Suffice it to say, a conflict arose. Gunfire resulted.”

Magruder — also known as Spanky — may also have been a gang member. A memorial near the crime scene included bottles of Grey Goose vodka, stuffed animals, Newport cigarettes, a pinwheel and graffiti by the 6-N-O gang, which has long been associated with the area around the Friendship Court housing complex near the Downtown Mall.

“You can draw your own reasonable conclusions based on that tagging,” Longo said, adding that none of the individuals is a confirmed gang member. “The fact that there’s that sort of tagging on a memorial for someone who lost his life, that’s pretty remarkable.”

Memorial at the corner of 6th Street SE and Monticello Avenue:

R.I.P. Joshua Anthony "Spanky" Magruder


sebastian said...

If people who can actually afford some kind of house find the bubble prices offensive, imagine what the people who live in the housing project think of real estate prices.

the gang members are turning the yard of the house next door to this one into a shrine for the dead guy.

saracen said...

"friendship court." fantastic misnomer.