Friday, August 22, 2008

Accidental Landlord Thinks William Faulkner Slept Here

Buy For $800,000 or Rent for $3,000/Month With Accidental Landlord in Western Albemarle

The number of unsold houses continues to grow, becoming a "shadow inventory" as they turn into rentals. With more rentals on the market than usual, and the country in a recession, prices should be coming down.

But since we're in Charlottesville/Albemarle and the water is still, apparently, filled with Bubble Juice, asking prices remain silly.

If you want live in Western Albemarle, you can rent this baby: 2400 Pine Garth Run, just beyond Foxfield, 5 beds, 3.5 baths, $2995.00 per month - or $36 Grand a Year.

OR Purchase for $799,900.00. Despite this price point, 2400 Pine Garth Road is listed with But maybe the current owners don't really want to sell this house for $800K? After all, they bought it for $360K in 2000--so surely they're willing to negotiate?

The Sale ad tells us that the house was originally a cabin built in 1960, but has now been expanded to 4,500 Sq. Ft.

However, the County Tax Assessor differs: claims the place dates from 1965. Which puts into question the following great local hearsay from the CL ad: "The home was originally a hunting cabin built circa 1960. The original owners of the cabin were relatives of William Faulkner, who reportedly stayed at the cabin while he was a writer-in-residence at UVA."

Faulkner was Writer-in Residence at Virginia for two semesters in 1957-58. He died in 1962. His daughter's family did, however, live in the area.

Did somebody really take a cabin and expand it into this thing? Or could it be that the current owners are overlooking the fact that one of the storage sheds was the original "hunting cabin"?

And, Hello? If there's a modicum of veracity to this tale, we must point out that these folk want to maintain the bragging rights of having housed one of the Greatest Authors of the 20th Century, without authenticating. We don't, quite, 'buy' any of it. But you know how we are.


george h said...

When I sell my house, I'll say Edgar Allen Poe gambled in my root cellar.

seth said...

thomas jefferson rode his horse across my field.

brooklyn bob said...

Ann Beattie admired my roses.

Anonymous said...

Dave grew up one block over from my house and his dog used to bury bones in our yard. I'm sure they're still there, artifacts to put in the ad when we want to sell.