Thursday, August 28, 2008

For Sale: The Lodge

The Hook is reporting that the house owned by UVa Fraternity Chi Psi--known, as all chapters are, as "The Lodge"--is going on the block.

At one point this was the grounds for the Charlottesville Country Club; The Lodge bought it in 1950, and good times have ensued ever since. We know several great guys who were members of the local chapter and we ourselves, back in the day, had some high times on the property on Rugby Road.

It's no surprise that we received three emails this a.m. that began, "Holy S---!"

The place is 10,000 sq. ft., and the frat's board is hoping a private citizen, rather than a developer, buys it. Yeah, we are too. Asking? "North of $2M." (Worth it, IOHO--but of course that's also our nostalgia speaking....)

Sad, though. And why doesn't UVa buy it? Ain't they the best landgrabbers in the City?


Montpellier said...

ZOMG - yes, I had some mighty fun times there myself. What is going on with the Chapter? First the Beta House and now The Lodge! I'm sure the neighbors won't cry over this news...

Anonymous said...

my first love was a Number One from the lodge. always been sorry that geography and jobs broke us up.