Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vandalism in "Downtown Belmont"

Fitzgerald's Tire Co.
is on the triangle between Hinton Avenue and Monticello Road.

This is across from La Taza Coffee, Belmont BBQ, Saxx, The Local, Crush, and near Mas.

raffiti? Gang tagging? Whatever the term of art is, this isn't good for property values--among other concerns.

This image was captured on Sun., 8/17. It was whitewashed (you can still see the fresh paint) by Wed., 8/20.

The image below is on the side of the arts building "The Bridge," on Graves Street. As of today, it's still there.

Thanks to CG for these.


Anonymous said...

There's also a new tag on the garbage can at the entrance to La Taza parking lot. White spray paint. There's old graffiti on the trash can, too, but the white stuff is new. Wasn't there yesterday.

Anonymous said...

come on, now. kids will be kids. it's just the kids blowing off steam before school starts.

--right. and house prices aren't inflated here, either.

Montpellier said...

Well, although I'm kind of a skeptic about the presence of our hardcore inner-city gang presence - I think it's just Tim Longo and Chip Harding 'talking their book' - I still don't think these are the glyphs of some nascent Keith Haring, destined to eventually become important value-adding property enhancements (treatments?). I am surprised no specu-vestors have seized on that marketing angle.

sebastian said...

specuvestors would seize on a keith haring / urban artist aspect of marketing a neighborhood that is just, at best, average if they actually knew who keith haring was

for my money, i think that if there are people here who even 'aspire' to be gangbangers--it's a problem

but i'm w/chief longo. why wouldn't there be gangs here? gangs are organized political units that need to distribute their "merchandise" and proselytize their message

and there are lots of young people who have no future who are eager to find a 'job' in the immediate moment

then again, i'm from DC so i believe gang tagging when i see it

anonymous #3 said...

this morning (friday) i walked by the bridge on the way to work to see this.

took same route on way back and now it's painted over.

there's old tagging in this area on curbs and telphone poles. this was brand new. on the lookout now.