Friday, November 21, 2008

A? Black? Friday?

What's on tap for today?

Citigroup gets a bailout or goes bankrupt? Citigroup has lost half its value in four days. Shares of Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase are down 30%.

Dow below 7,000?

S&P sheds %s?

Read this brief article about how bad it is--and what could be done to help.


Vancouver realtor said...

"Investors are worrying whether the financial system is again in the danger zone." What? AGAIN? When did it leave danger zone, I haven't noticed?!
I believe the faster and harder it shakes, the better.because the sooner and faster we can start again. All this bailouts and liquidity injections (which always vapor in seconds...) are just prolonging the inevitable.
Common Phoenix bird, let's burn!

Anonymous said...


let's hit 5500 or whatever the DJIA will be at its bottom and get it all over with.

and the car companies? NO BAILOUT.

nytimes: "credit markets frozen again." hadn't noticed the unfreezing.

Anonymous said...

ok well you were wrong, no black friday.

that's a silly prediction to make

Bill said...

Anonymous 2 -

I think the Bubblers were asking questions rather than making predictions.

That's the sense I got from following the links.

No black friday...this week. Who knows what'll happen next friday?