Monday, November 24, 2008

Econ Links 11/24 - 26

These links appeared on our sidebar.

National Existing Home Sales Drop. Median Home Prices Now back to 2004. Median price fell 11.3% (MP is now $183,300) from a year earlier.

This is the largest year-over-year existing home price decrease since records began in 1968.

of Inventory stand at 10.02. This makes it the highest year-end inventory since 1982. And the C'ville area has 18+?!

Comrade Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson Changes His Mind, Again, and May Ask for Remaining TARP Funds. He's also considering putting together an office to address mortgage foreclosures.

Famed Commercial RE investor Tom Barrack talks about the collapse of Commercial RE and the coming failures of regional banks.

Obama Unveils Economics Team to Tackle 'Historic' Crisis

Citigroup Gets A Bailout

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