Monday, November 17, 2008

Finance/Econ News 11/16-17

There's so much finance/econ news in the past 48 hours that we took it off our sidebar for the sake of streamlining.

Stocks fall on concern that US Recession will deepen.

Kansas Fed Reserve Bank Prez says the Fed has "done as much as it can do" to revive the economy....

Bush admin will not seek remaining $350B in Bailout funds; it's left for the Obama admin.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged Mark Cuban with insider trading.

Is For Sale By Owner - FSBO - the way to sell your property?

Citigroup continues to tank.
Its shares are down in the single digits, and it will layoff 50,000+ workers in addition to those already gone.

Phil Gramm: Jackass.

Here's the text of the Statement by the G-20. The 20 major Nations, and Comrade Paulson, met this weekend to discuss the world's economies. Result: Discussion.

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