Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sad News

Blogger Doris Dungey, who wrote under the pseudonym "Tanta" at CalculatedRISK, has passed away after a serious illness.

CalculatedRISK appears on our "live feed" in the sidebar. The mainstream media and the finance/economics/bubble blogosphere embraced, respected, and relied upon Tanta's genius, analysis, and wit in her writings.

Read the memorial post at CalculatedRISK and the article in The New York Times.

Our condolences to Tanta's family and to CR himself on this very sad day. Tanta will be sorely missed.

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Montpellier said...

RIP indeed...she was such a wonderful inside look at how the mortgage system works...

Her analysis of the RMBS industry explains perfectly why the bubble isn't coming back any time soon, and why this isn't just a 'wait out the market' situation for sellers.

She also pointed out why deregulation isn't an inherently or unqualified positive - why the market does need rules - why "free markets" don't work without transparency and functional feedback systems (ie, holding the garbage on your own books).

Ok, enough CR parroting here! Let's get back to some local properties!