Saturday, January 31, 2009

4% Mortgage Rates - ?

In today's weekly radio address, President Obama pledged to "help lower mortgage costs." Will it be the 4% mortgage rates that Senate Minority Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) intends to propose when the economic stimulus bill goes to the Senate floor next week?


beachdude said...

The most common mortgage modifications are listed below:

lowering the mortgage interest rate
reducing the mortgage principal balance
fixing adjustable interest rates within the mortgage
increasing the loan term throughout the mortgage
forgiveness of payment defaults and fees
or any combination of the above

Check out this public service site:

Mark said...

I would be satisfied if they reduced my mortgage by the amount of Tom Daschle's back taxes. But the 4% would be nice too!

I still can't believe the other guy who can't even do his own taxes was quickly confirmed for Secretary of the Treasury. Did the new secretary of education even finish high school?

I pine for the days when an illegal alien housekeeper was the worst thing you had to worry about with Cabinet nominees.

Anonymous said...

WARNING Be very careful when applying for a mortgage. I have been lied to over and over. I was promised a closing date of March 6 and have been calling every day and just today because I wouldn't be put on hold or on voice mail that we would have to wait another month. Now a job is lost and leases on my current house I will be sued for.