Monday, February 9, 2009

Price Reduced - 935 Monticello Avenue - Asking $149,900

MLS #461713. The Asking Price has dropped $118,000 on this 3 bdrm ca. 1920 Belmont farmhouse w/big yard, at the traffic light near where the Avenue becomes Rte. 20. Last Spring the Asking was $267,900 (possibly higher). And this one is habitable; it's been a rental for the past six years. The listing tells us 'this could be the bargain of the summer'. Wait a second: it said the same thing last year, too. Whatever. 935 Monticello previously sold at the beginning of 2003, when it went for $82,500. Percentage change from then to now: roughly 81%. If the Belmont "uninhabitables" sold, can this one be far behind?


declan said...

welcome to 2009

A buyer said...

Now that's a way to change the sold comps. This house costs less than the condos just around the curve and more space inside and a big yard.

In the Belmont Hood said...

Sold? The number no longer appears on mls.