Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crozet's Old Trail For Sale: "Not a Cry for Help, But a Marketing Tactic"

Via Dave McNair at The Hook. Recently: Hauser Homes Stonehaus Seeks to Sell Belvedere Stake

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Anonymous said...

Believe what you want about OT, but there are very few new homes being built and many existing homes are languishing on the market. It doesn't help that the developer apparently wants the present owners to pay for the new pool ($600 to join for this summer). I don't think that suggesting the entire development is for sale attracts the right kind of attention.

Ex-Floridian said...

You know I read the comments in the c-ville about Old-Trail and I really think that it comes down to pricing. The high end home in the Charlottesville area are going to take a hit. The job market here just does not support buying $750,000 dollar houses. With banks tightening down there lending standard one would have to come up with a substanstial downpayment to buy one of them. I don't think we are going to see a return to this lifestyle for quite some time.