Saturday, April 25, 2009

Late April Links

Housing Prices

Nice Place, But What's It Really Worth? The quandary that arises when recent comps aren't available.

Five Reasons Why House Prices May Never Recover - Includes the link to Charles Hugh Smith's longer version.

The Housing Chart That's Worth a Thousand Words - Economist Robert Shiller's History of Home Prices.

Why a 50% Drop in Housing is Not the Bottom - Charles Hugh Smith, again.

The Big Picture
"The Elusive Housing 'Fair Value'" Be sure to follow the links at the bottom of this post; Barry Ritholtz consistently nails spin and takes a macro perspective on the numbers in housing, stock markets, financials.

Calculated Risk
Home Sales: The Distressing Gap - Home prices will stabilize when the gap between new and existing home sales closes.

New Home Sales in March New Home sales may have bottomed.
Existing Home Sales in March Down YOY.

Foreclosure Crisis

Mish's Global Economic Trends on Soaring Fannie/Freddie Delinquencies. Especially troubling are the recent prime (excellent credit) mortgage delinquencies, up 70% between Nov 08 and Jan 09.

SF Chronicle: Nationwide, banks have an estimated 600,000 foreclosed houses, and are not currently reselling them. Massive shadow inventory can further depress prices. The data is from RealtyTrac.

Bloomberg: Fannie Mae Creates Housing Mirage With Bum Loans


Rising home vacancies will depress rents nationwide, which give Fed Chair Bernanke plenty of time to withdraw all the printed money from the economy--no worry for a while about inflation.

WSJ: What makes a global recession?

Realty 2.0

The Email Handshake Negotiating via email.

Auctions for Distressed Property Loans Go to the Web

Blasts From the Past

Harper's Magazine, May, 2006: The New Road to Serfdom - An Illustrated Guide to the Coming Housing Collapse. Economist Michael Hudson proved prescient.

The Hook, May, 2006: Has Charlottesville Jumped the Shark? Writer Dave McNair gets some opinions.


Stop it, please! said...

Has jumped the shark jumped the shark?
Can newspaper editors please move on to another catch phrase already?

cville realtor said...

Interesting that the Bubble Blog hasn't posted that for the 2nd month in a row, as reported at, there were more pending sales than the previous year.

Real C'ville - The Bubble Blog said...

See 5/6 post.