Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1320 Kenwood Lane - Price Reduced $1.1M to $899.9K

Listing: "What if you could find the soul of SoHo in Charlottesville? .... masterpiece w/endless possibilities."

We'll nutshell the issues: the house may have the soul of SoHo, but the neighborhood does not: it's the Rutledge section of Cville, aka Meadowbrook Heights, near Charlottesville High School.

The neighborhood also does not have the "soul" of lots of cash: this unique, beautiful house (corrugated steel, concrete) sits among brick ranchers and capes that used to sell in the upper 1's 10 years ago, and now (if lucky) will sell in the low to mid 3's (less than this in 2010 ;0 ).

It's going to take a very special buyer to embrace this house A) in this neighborhood and B) in this economy (Got cash? Got Jumbo?). But hey, all it takes is one buyer.

MLS 462883
1320 Kenwood Lane
4 beds/2 baths
3170 sq feet

Price History:
Prior April 16: $1.1M
Prior to May 22: $998K
Now: $899.9K

Assessed: $408K - this is a number that essentially gives zero information on the property.

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