Tuesday, June 9, 2009

4899 Parsons Green - Price Reduced: $1.1 Million to $799,900

MLS 459337
4899 Parsons Green Lane
Greenwood, Albemarle County
4 beds, 2.5 baths; outbuildings and amenities
6.17 acres
Ca. 1760

Price History:
2008: $1.1M Listing
Jan 2009: $950,000
Jan.-Apr. 2009: $899,900
Now: $799,900

Assessment: $560,200. Good example of the problem with "assessments." They're not appraisals. Greenwood is a beautiful section of Albemarle; this is a historic house. But who's the buyer in this day and age?
On the Block: Read Mark Davidson's complimentary article from The Hook. See the Trulia listing.


Pavel said...

This property is also offered for $649,900 with a 4 acre option...

Pavel said...

What about a recent closing in Glenmore: listed for $1.1 mil; reduced; reduced; reduced and sold for $650K (short sale) and is assessed at $778,800. Someone took advantage of a very good deal!

Anonymous said...

4899 Parsons Green is now offered with six acres for $649K