Tuesday, June 9, 2009

512 N. 1st Street, Sold 2007 $1.3M - Now Asking $900K for House

Price drop of $400,000 or 30% for sale without the second lot (yard).

This new listing, a stone Arts & Crafts, sits between 1st & 2nd Street in Charlottesville, in North Downtown.

MLS 466202
Ca. 1920, 5 beds/3 baths
Assessed $795K
Transfer History:
2004: $750K
Listed 2006: $1,450,000
(2006 assessment: $618K)
Sold 3/07: $1,300,000

The listing refers potential buyers to The Hook's On the Block article from 2006.


downtownenvy said...

Now it's only a bit ridiculous instead of staggeringly ridiculous. I know there are people willing to pay these prices, but again, we are in the middle of nowhere Virginia.

It's time for this town to get over itself.

Pavel said...

Sounds like the Seller is retaining an additional lot that was part of the original sale in 2007.

Seriously said...

There's going to be multiple offers on this "estate" any second now. You heard it here first.

not anonymous said...

Pavel, I don't know if that makes the price "better" or "worse" considering someone could build? But having lived here a long time I just don't see that area as a million dollar neighborhood.

Real C'ville - The Bubble Blog said...

Thanks for clarification, Pavel.