Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Glenmore's Michael Comer Now on "Staycation" in His Home, After a Month in the "Unknown"

That's right, missing Glenmore ex-Treasurer, ex-Country Club President Michael Comer has come down from the wilds of Nelson County's Wintergreen Resort (...or the Virgin Islands...or wherever he was) and handed himself over to the Albemarle County Police.

Lots of unanswered questions.

After spending the night in the regional jail, today he was charged with five counts of embezzlement for allegedly misappropriating $666K in GCA's funds and giving "loans or advances" to Glenmore Associates, the planned community's Developer, overseen by his brother-in-law, Real Estate III CEO Jeff Gaffney.

Albemarle District Court Judge William G. Barkley allowed Comer, who appeared via video link, to go free on bail, despite the objections of Commonwealth's Attorney Denise Lunsford, who said the 'likelihood of his appearing' at his September 3rd preliminary hearing is 'slim at best.'

Comer is barred from setting foot on Glenmore property, but is free to "relax" at his nearby home in the County. That home, 2930 Milton Village Lane, MLS 467792, is for sale for $1,348,000. Which puts an awkward picture in one's mind, viz. "showings." Perhaps the listing will be withdrawn until things "settle down."

Bail for Mr. Comer was set at $50K. Was it paid in cash? Or was one of the Comers' properties, or one that they own with the wife's father, used as collateral for a local bail bond service?

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just wondering said...

hate to be a fly on the wall in that house tonight

Alternate Reality said...

This delusional comment appeared in the DP after their story about bail:

Posted by ( Cville Native ) on July 28, 2009 at 6:35 pm

We’re so happy that you are safe and back home now with your family! We have always known you to be a good-hearted, honest man. Don’t let the troubles of today’s economy allow people to bring you down. Your group built half of Charlottesville, and we know that companies such as yours, with extreme exposure to market conditions, are often put in difficult situations. Despite what editors of this newspaper, (many with alterior motives and problems of their own), try to say about your actions, please know that the Charlottesville area is happy for you and your family, and hope that you can move past this quickly.

We'll See said...

I'm going to give it through the weekend until the Milton Village Road house is no longer "for sale."

Anonymous said...

Lordy! That poster at the DP is delusion. First of all, Mike Comer did not build anything-his late FIL Frank Kessler did.

Also, here's a question: It appears that Comer has worked for several Kessler family business including KG Associates. (He was the "project manager" for them.) Are those businesses going to be audited as well?

Also, is it possible he was thinking of leaving his wife? If he did, then I am sure the cushy jobs he held would come to an end. Perhaps he was planning to leave her for some time and the money he is accused of stealing was his "cushion" when he found himself out of a job and the lifestyle he was used to.