Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Map of Layoffs in Virginia

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello has announced that it will cut three positions, and Region 10, the area's not-for-profit mental health and substance abuse servicer, will do away with 11 jobs after a 10% state budget cut.

The map to the right shows layoffs in Virginia since July, 2007. At the Richmond Times-Dispatch data link, company names, number of positions, and so forth, may be accessed.

The map doesn't show furloughs, such as those at the Daily Progress, nor does it show different kinds of employment cuts like those that are or will be felt by UVA employees: hourly cuts, jobs lost due to attrition, wage and hiring freezes.

The Charlottesville MSA unemployment rate has nearly doubled in the past year. Virginia's unemployment rate is at 7.2%. The national unemployment rate is 9.5%.

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