Thursday, July 30, 2009

Michael Comer's Home in Wintergreen For Sale

That's right, it's property number three put up for sale in the past week by Glenmore's ex-Treasurer / Country Club President Michael Comer. See the other two here.

MLS 467879 - $348K
54 Firtree Drive
Wintergreen VA 22958
3 bedrooms /2 baths, 1,330 sq ft cabin
, ca. 1979.

The listing uses an unfortunate turn of phrase:

"Walk to the ski slopes in the winter, enjoy the activities of the summer resort. This chalet is ready for you to call your getaway home, furnished, with games and a Wii!! Great treetop views from the large deck and screened porch!!! Paved driveway. The WPI right of membership make this an attractive home for 'foot-in-the-door' ownership in Wintergreen Resort."

Offered, as are the other two, by Real Estate III, which is headed up by Comer's brother-in-law.

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