Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Missing Glenmore Development Associate Michael Comer - Update

There's no update on Comer's whereabouts, but there's some more info in the press. Sadly, this is going to end badly, no matter what the details turn out to be.

Hawes Spencer at The Hook writes about the circumstances surrounding the disappearance, and The DP has more commentary from the Nelson County Sheriff.

From The Hook:

The case of the missing hiker is quickly becoming the case of the missing treasurer, as the homeowner association for Glenmore, the plush golf community, reveals that country club president Michael D. Comer went missing shortly before a key meeting about a financial audit. After his disappearance, the association replaced him as treasurer.

“The behind-the-scenes view of this is that he staged this thing and ran off,” says Tommy Stafford of Nelson County Life, the first local publication to notice the identity of the missing man. “They can’t be 100 percent sure,” says Stafford, who has conferred with several top law enforcement officers, “but things are certainly looking that way.”

And from today's (Wednesday, July 8) DP:

The Nelson County sheriff David Brooks:

“There’s not a lot you can do, especially when you don’t have a criminal act,” Brooks said. “I can’t go into your background — if there’s not a criminal act — and get the paperwork signed off, just to see where you’re at, if you’re an adult.”

“I mean, a person of age has a right to be missing,” Brooks said. “There’s not a crime against it.”

And Comer's brother-in-law, Realtor Jeff Gaffney said,

“I would tell him that there’s a lot of people [who have] prayed for him and his return,” Gaffney said, “and that the whole Glenmore community has kind of rallied around this and is hoping for the best for him, hoping that he’ll come home.”

“And here’s the important part,” Gaffney said, “if he could see the look in the eyes of his children and his wife, he’d want to get back home.”

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