Monday, July 20, 2009

Price Increase: 935 Monticello Avenue, Belmont

The future of Belmont is the above-the-fold story in today's Daily Progress. And price reductions are now a daily occurence in this market.

But here's an interesting Belmont story: 935 Monticello has had a price increase. After failing to sell for a couple years, and languishing at $149.9K for months, it's up more than $100K to $257K. MLS 461713.

Nothing has changed--wait a second, except that area sales have declined, along with prices. But not on this plat! Even the listing is the same: "With paint, carpet, and some cosmetic upgrades, this could be the deal of the summer!....Home is being sold "as is."

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1 comment:

Monty said...

This isn't a quarter million dollar house. But if you tell somebody to think of a high number, they just might.