Friday, August 7, 2009

Google Maps Now Shows Local Homes in the Foreclosure Process

The Healdsburg Housing Bubble, which covers California's Sonoma Valley (in some ways similar to Albemarle County), gave Calculated Risk the heads up on this feature.

You may type in any location to see houses at various stages of the foreclosure process.

Some of the data is old, though. For instance, locally, the site lists a City house on Keith Valley Road, which was available in February, and sold in March. Another house, in the County but near Barracks Road Shopping Center, is listed as "Middlesex Drive." It recently had its fourth price reduction, which is not yet reflected by the map's data source.

Additionally, clicking on a map point often redirects you to a subscriber content site.

But if you're interested in foreclosures, and/or dig RE maps and graphics, check it out.

Other places to find foreclosures and short sales: the search function at RealCentralVA,,,, and (type in the location plus search term REO or short sale or foreclosure in the search box).

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