Monday, August 24, 2009

Michael Comer Update: Prices Reduced on Houses Listed For Sale

Glenmore's bedeviled Ex-Country Club Prez and Ex-homeowner's association treasurer Michael Comer (et al) seems to be responding to current market conditions and slow sales.

After just about a month on the market, the asking prices have been lowered on two of the three properties held in his name.

Price Reduced $30k:

MLS 467879 - $318K from $348K

54 Firtree Drive, Wintergreen VA 22958
3 bedrooms /2 baths, 1,330 sq ft cabin, ca. 1979

Price Reduced $46K:

MLS 467873 - $379K from $425K
3803 Ric
hmond Road in Keswick
2 beds and 2
baths, 2081 sq. feet on 2 acres, built 1987.
(The house was purchased in '08 for $250,000, or an expected return of $175K off original asking.)

No Price Change on the Comer-Kessler family residence:

MLS 467792 - 2930 Milton Village Lane - $1,348,000

4 bedrooms/3.5 baths 4,800 sq feet, built in 2005

Michael Comer
, charged with embezzling $666+k from the Glenmore homeowner's association, disappeared for nearly a month on the day he was to meet with auditors, is scheduled to appear in court on September 3. He will reportedly fight the embezzlement charges.

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