Friday, September 4, 2009

935 Monticello Avenue: Price Reduced, Again. MLS # Change, Again.

935 Monticello Avenue, the little house that could...what?  Keep getting new listings?  For years now.

The previous listing read "house is being sold As Is," and had an Asking Price of $257K.  This time, the listing says "owner has completed renovations."  The current Asking Price is has dropped to $245K, and the current MLS # is 469308.

However, back in the bad old days of February 2009, the Asking Price was $149,900.

In Spring 2008, the Asking was $267K.  

The house last sold in early 2003 for $82K.

We're going to save the sellers a lot of time here.  Here's the issue:  The house is situated just steps from Monticello Avenue near Carlton Road and, like the rest of Monticello Avenue, gets at least 20,000 cars passing by a day.  However, unlike many houses on Monticello Avenue, this one is at a traffic light.  Spitting distance.  Location location location?  Yup. 

Solution: Noise-proof windows.  Giant hedges.   Or move the house to the rear of that nice big lot.

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Anonymous said...

935 Monticello price reduced to $239,900 9/10/09