Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Charlottesville: Another $800k for Mall Bricks, But Just $30k for Race Relations Consultant

Here's a tip: using the $800k to improve public housing complex Westhaven (and others) would go much much further in improving "race relations" than a bunch of folks sitting around in "study circles" discussing "things."

The DP reports:
"Charlottesville officials are attempting to start a sustainable dialogue on race relations that will address current racial tensions and those created over the years from various events. Those include the city’s role in Massive Resistance to stop racial integration of its schools and the razing of the predominately black Vinegar Hill neighborhoodwhich sent many residents into Westhaven, Charlottesville’s first and largest public housing site — in the name of urban renewal.

The hope is to come up with an action plan to move beyond the racial and discrimination issues some city residents face."

Whether you "believe" in subsidized housing or not, let's not kid ourselves.  "Current racial tensions" go back several Centuries...and run right up the mountain to Monticello.  There's such a thing as being "too" "PC."  Some "chats" are not going to suddenly relieve the racial tensions, gang related issues, and--equally important--economic disadvantage of minority residents, even over a period of several years.

Bricks here.  Race relations here.  Eye rolling here.

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