Thursday, September 10, 2009

Glenmore's Michael Comer's Asking Price for Primary Residence Reduced By $173K

Glenmore's troubled ex-Country Club Prez, ex-Treasurer of the Homeowner's Assoc, Michael Comer,  already reduced the Asking Prices of his two "investment properties" in late August.

MLS #467792 - 2930 Milton Village Road now has an Asking Price of $1,1750,000 from the original $1,348,000.  The house was purchased in '05 for $1,030,800. That was an expected return of $317K in a market where higher-priced sales are stagnating. 

2930 Milton Village Road is assessed at $1M.

The reduction of $173K or 12.8% came on September 5.

Nice kitchen.

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