Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CNN Money Puts Charlottesville on List of 50 Best Small Places to Launch a Business

Charlottesville may be a good place to launch a business--it just may not be a great place to stay in business.

Yes, it's another list: CNN Money's 50 Best Small Places to Launch a Business.

The resources definitely are here to launch a business.  Consider: 

There's plenty of commercial real estate available for office space and retail, and prices are negotiable. 

Local private sector business growth has ended--jobs are needed.

UVA, the largest employer, has a wage and hiring freeze in place--jobs are needed.

Unemployment is at a 20 year high here, nearly doubling in one year. 

Plenty of workers are highly educated and many are underemployed.  Those with PhD's and 4-year degrees have the highest unemployment:

The graph is from the Thomas Jefferson Partnership for Economic Development, in a presentation to the local Realtors' association this month.

The presentation also wondered:   

Is Charlottesville losing its middle class? 
Why is unemployment among African-Americans so high?   

Don't miss the whole thing at CAAR.  

So yes, this area definitely needs all the business help it can get. 

And hey, here's an opportunity.  Anybody want to take over this project?

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Anonymous said...

Marketwatch commenter today described C'ville in a nutshell "Medium home prices are not compliant with medium wages. Letting the market correct itself is not the poison, it's the cure! — notachance"

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