Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sales and Prices of Single Family Homes in Charlottesville and Albemarle, Year to Date

2009 compared to 2008 sales of detached home.
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This is from Realtor Jim Duncan at RealCentralVA, and was originally on his Posterous.
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Anonymous said...

Hard to reconcile the sales numbers with this featured on on mycaar. A list price of >$300 sq. ft. built in 1956 in need of renovation ????

My guess is that we are going for the tax credit and a new young homeowner. What a shame to continue to suck in the unsuspecting.

nemo said...

Could Jim provide the same data for earlier years, either here or on his blog?

Casual observation: seems like the $350-$500k sales are down b/c many of the houses at that price point aren't as nice as they might have seemed a few years ago. The houses seemed a lot nicer when the value was thought to be going up.

joe anonymous said...

One in four US mortgages underwater

Article gives details for all 50 states. I know somebody who bought last Spring (charlottesville) who couldn't sell for same price today. Wonder how many there are here.