Tuesday, December 1, 2009

US Food Stamp Usage Soars Since 2007: Central VA Sees Significant Rises

The Sunday New York Times featured a  long article about "food stamps," the current name for which is "SNAP" or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, run by the US Department of Agriculture. The Undersecretary who oversees the program, Kevin Concannon, says 20,000 people are added to the program per day and that 15-16 Million more are eligible.

In the US, one in eight people and one in four children, for a total of 35 million, receive SNAP assistance.

Locally, as elsewhere, usage has soared since 2007:

Albemarle:  +43%
all people 5%, children 10%

Charlottesville: +30% 
all people: 12% children: 28%

Greene County +56%
all people: 8%, children: 14%

Fluvanna County +63%
all people: 5%,  children: 9% 

Nelson County +46% 
all people: 12%, children: 25%

Louisa County +61%
all people: 10%, children: 18%

Madison County  +75%
all people: 8%, children: 16%

City of Waynesboro +48%
all people: 16% children 29%

City of Staunton +32% 
all people: 13%, children: 26%

Food Stamp Use Soars, and Stigma Fades
Interactive Map of Food Stamp Usage Across USA

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