Monday, February 1, 2010

Part I of Glenmore Scandal Ending as Michael Comer Set to Plead Guilty

Glenmore's ex-Country Club president / ex-Homeowner's Association Treasurer Michael Comer appeared in Albemarle County Circuit Court today, where his attorney informed the Court Comer intends to plead guilty on Tuesday, April 13.

This will close Part I of this embezzlement scandal, which has humiliated the man's family and professional contacts (some of whom are one and the same), enraged Glenmore homeowners, and attracted wide notice.  Readers who have followed the coverage on this blog will wonder: is there a Part II? (or III or IV?)  Will any local, state, or federal entities or authorities investigate or pursue additional individuals, entities, or concerns, in re (but not necessarily limited to) issues of asset management and embezzlement, property taxes or income taxes, in either civil or criminal matters?

The Albemarle County Circuit Court case status: (click for larger image in new window)

Today's coverage: The Newsplex, The DP


Anonymous47 said...

What did the Kessler family know and when did they know it? Did Michael Comer act alone? He took money to benefit the family, into which he married and whose conflicts of interest concerning Glenmore were/are numerous.

Shouldn't his guilty plea cover these and other questions?

Meanwhile, Kessler family members have four properties for sale. Is the family at risk of going belly-up? What about Glenmore?

Real C'ville - The Bubble Blog said...

Those are pertinent questions.

The primary Comer residence has reportedly sold (we'll have details shortly). (BTW, it wasn't inside Glenmore). Follow the link beneath this post to RealCentralVA to see what seems like a lot of Glenmore homes for sale (32 of them).

The internal audit conducted on behalf of the Homeowners' Association (the audit is no longer linked to at indicated there were matters of local, State, and Federal income tax and property tax that needed to be addressed, forensically, and rectified.

There were also more monies owed by Glenmore Associates, the Developer arm led by Jeff Gaffney, Comer's Brother in law, due by August 2010.


Anonymous47 said...

Despite the unanswered questions and the overall local real estate market, the number of Glenmore homes for sale now is not at all unusual by historical standards. I've checked going back several years. There are 700-plus homes in Glenmore.

anonymous anonymous said...

It's a lot considering most of them won't sell. Fewer buyers at that price point here and everywhere. And when interest rates hike this summer fageddaboudit