Thursday, February 18, 2010

UVA On Biggest Loser List of University Endowments

Missed the Top 20! Beat out by Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and more for FYs 2008-2009.  Out of 864, for a list nobody wants to be on.  But it kept UVA out of the Business Insider Worst Managed University Endowments list, and other national media.

See: National Association of College and University Business Officers site here. 
UVA at #22, "U.S. and Canadian Institutions Listed by Fiscal Year 2009 Endowment Market Value and Percentage Change in Endowment Market Value from FY 2008 to FY 2009" PDF here.

Just the other day, outgoing Prez John Casteen warned 2010 would be when Great Recession kicked in.


Anonymous said...

If you're suggesting that UVa's loss b/w 2008 and 2009 ranks it near the top 20, you might want to look at the data again. As I read the report, the total size of UVa's endowment ranks it in the top 20, but many universities had greater losses, even those which rank below UVa.

Anonymous said...

UVA lost a billion dollars. But what you're suggesting the post is suggesting doesn't seem to be what they're suggesting. Many universities did NOT have greater losses than UVA, if you read the report. And UVA still has more losses to come as do many other universities. A lot of other schools won't have further losses because they don't have the commitments that may still be called.