Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3803 Richmond Road - Relisted, Price Reduced 35% to $279k - Owned By Accused Glenmore Embezzler Michael Comer

Glenmore's beleagured ex-Treasurer / Country Club President Michael Comer sold his primary residence for 32% off original asking, and less than his purchase price, in February. 

Now, a week before he is set to plead guilty on April 13, another property has been relisted with a similar price reduction.

Originally, 3803 Richmond Road, Keswick, was listed as MLS 467873.  It has been offered with between two to four acres as it was walked down from August 2009 $425K to $379K to $325K to April 2010, $279k.  The house was purchased in '08 for $250k and is currently assessed for $270k.

Complete coverage of the Glenmore / Comer scandal to date is here. 

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