Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glenmore's Michael Comer Pleads Guilty To Embezzlement and Money Laundering

Glenmore's ex-Country Club President and ex-Homeowners Association treasurer Michael Comer plead guilty to four counts of embezzlement and one of money laundering.  The saga will conclude when Comer is sentenced in July, facing up to 120 years in prison, and a fine of over $500,000.  Comer's attorney Blair Howard said,
 “My investigation showed that Glenmore Associates was going through some very, very difficult financial circumstances in the fall of 2008 and Mr. Comer erroneously chose to try to right the ship by moving...funds."
Glenmore Associates is the developer of Glenmore and headed by brother-in-law and RE III / Better Homes and Garden CEO Jeff Gaffney.  Read DP story here.  Comprehensive coverage of this scandal, including unanswered questions, Comer / Kessler properties listed for sale, court dates, Homeowners Association external audit, etc, here. 

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