Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Late June, Existing Home Sales Decline: And Here Comes Housing's Double Dip

 *A Blistering Ride Through Hell: Key Housing Charts - by mortgage guru Michael David White

*May's Existing Home Sales Fall: Closed Contracts Down, Despite Tax Credit - The Big Picture

*Is the Drop in Home Sales Good? - With interesting numbers - CNBC's Diana Olick

*Months of Supply and Prices and YOY Increase in Inventory - CalculatedRISK 

*Home Prices Bottoming in 2013 - Gary Shilling

*Fannie and Freddie Bailout at $146B and Taxpayers' Cost Rising - NYT

*Mortgage Modifications and the HAMP program are failing, which means on a national basis, more foreclosures - CalculatedRISK

*The Obama Admin will now have a "Monthly Housing Scorecard"

*Is It Time To Dismantle the "American Dream?" - NewGeography


Montpellier said...


A couple of interesting price drops:


both of these are unencumbered by liens.

I smell...capitulation.

Anonymous said...

Montpellier, how did you determine there were no liens? TY

Montpellier said...

Transfer history and a visit to the courthouse.