Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Single Family Home Sales In Albemarle County, 1 Jan - 1 May - Rising

There was a small impact on sales of detached single family home sales closed during the First Quarter of 2010: 103 vs. Q1 2009: 91, or 11+% increase.

April 2010, however, saw a 38% increase in closed sales: 62 in 2010 vs. 38 in 2009.

Median Sales Price declined to about $360,000 or -7.5% over the last year.

It's also likely that there was a bump in signed contracts during late March and April, before the Homebuyer Tax Credit expired on April 30. These sales won't close, and be counted as the months' sales, until July and August.

Single Family Home Sales in Albemarle, image copyright Nest Realty Group (Click for larger image in new window)
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