Monday, June 21, 2010

What If Elected and Hired City Officials Were Required to Live in High-Density Public Housing?

Then perhaps this option, which current residents are opposed to, might actually be a viable way to transform Charlottesville's ghettoes historically blighted public housing, which includes Westhaven and Friendship Court. 

Shouldn't Councilor Holly Edwards; chair of the housing authority Jason Halbert; and housing authority exec director Randy Bickers be pledging to live with their families in what they describe so positively?
In the past, some residents have expressed apprehension about adding too much housing and packing residents in too tightly.  But density also has benefits, said Halbert.

"Studies have shown we can help improve the neighborhood itself and actually the individuals living in that neighborhood," Halbert said of having mixed-income and more diverse neighborhoods.
Hey, people.  Support your ideas and idealism with your physical presence.  Promise to move there.
(Excerpt from above-linked DP story; emphasis BB's)

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