Thursday, July 1, 2010

Halsey Minor Is No Longer A Villain In Charlottesville...But He'll Still Never Finish The Landmark Hotel

Minor is favored in arbitration over Danielson, but the hotel is no longer in his control; the FDIC is the decisionmaker.   Read.  By the way, now that the Ice Park didn't find a buyer and has closed, all it's going to take is another mircroburst aimed at The Pavillion, and the Downtown Mall will be toast.


Anonymous said...

Yes, since the ice park that didn't draw enough traffic to stay open is closing, all it would take is the venue that's open 20 nights a year to get hit by a storm to kill the mall.

This is the oddest, bitterest blog ever. Did you lose a money speculating on real estate or something?

Humpty said...


Why is it bitter? I think most of the RE bears on this blog are dismayed and frustrated with the RE community in CVille and the country because there is a concerted manipulation conducted by the Fed, the Obama admin and the RE industry. The posts on this blog are backed with history, facts and figures.

Anonymous said...

3.28, the packs of troublemaking "youths" and the droves of homeless using all the public seating on the mall would need a mention here to make this post "bitter." ;0)

Anonymous said...

Panhandlers are a huge problem on Downtown Mall. And now business owners are doing something about it.

Anonymous said...

3:28, it seems you're a homedebtor who
1. relocated to this area w/in past five years
2. bought a house
3. it has now gone down in value
4. now you read this blog to try to find something to argue with
5. but the data shows prices will continue declining

Just believe the same thing you believed when you bought: home prices always go up.

You'll sleep better at night.

Halsey Minor said...

Thanks for removing me from the "Villian" list for spending what is now $13 MILLION trying to undue the work of a crafty incompetent developer who is now bankrupt and his partner a now bankrupt bank.

It really means a lot to me. No seriously.

I know its fun to say things of which you know nothing about and bare no responsibility, but just this one time I will correct you. I unfortunately I own the Landmark. If I win against the FDIC, who is solely protecting the interests of 8 banks that loaned money to the project (I should give their names so you can boycott them) then its possible it could be finished. If they win it will sit and rot under an FDIC bureaucracy.

For actual facts read my article in the Huffington Post this coming Monday and maybe you will stop rooting for big banks and for human beings instead when you become less ignorant and less vocal. I know its more fun to slander a real person than a nameless faceless corporation. The newsstand has scores of publications built on your philosophy, truth be damned.

Once again thanks for your backhanded compliment.