Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Glenmore's Michael Comer: Embezzles $666k, Pleads Guilty to 5 Felonies, Faces 150 Years in Prison...and Will Serve 18 Months

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Original post, 3pm Tuesday, August 3: Once again, Glenmore's Michael Comer, who plead guilty to money laundering and embezzlement, is due in court at 4:30 pm today, after a July 30 continuance.  All the background here.


Anonymous said...

Betting he walks with community service and credit for his limited jail time. The delays show just how connected he is to the privileged in C'ville.


Carol said...

Personally I think community service and time served would be the best for everyone.

Why should the tax payers support him for 18 months? Make him work in the community instead, and his family will pay his living expenses. Best for everyone in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Wrong headline! As Glenmore's easily accessible website confirms, the total embezzled was $740,000.

Good pay for community service. Comer, a college dropout, paid himself $190K/yr. And he paid his wife as the Glenmore golf pro.

Community service would be one heck of a deterrent to discourage others from pulling the same stunt! Stupid suggestion. Only serious jail time would be a deterrent. I think lots of folks would trade community service time for $700,000+.

Anonymous said...

Agree completely anon 7:12 pm. Given the circumstances reported in the media, is it credible that there were no accomplices in this crime or that this is the full extent of funds embezzled from the large real estate management portfolio?

Anonymous said...

And I agree with Anonymous 2:14 pm. It seems inconceivable that "the family" didn't know what he was doing--at the very least.

Name/URL said...

Jeff Gaffney - What did he know and when did he know it? Comer's brother in law

The DP says that Glenmore Associates revenue dropped from $16M to $4.5M while Comer was embezzling, and Comer was seeking to help the company out.

Gaffney is head of that company. He sold the Glenmore Country Club to pay for Comer's monies due (story linked in this post).

Gaffney is head of Real Estate III Better Home and Gardens.

How come the Daily Progress story doesn't appear on line?

Could it be because REIII BHG spends a lot of ad $ there?

BTW, the $666 number appeared when Comer first embezzled. The higher figure includes lost interest and attorney fees.

Anonymous said...

"Jeff Gaffney - What did he know and when did he know it?"
That is the real story. More specifically, What did he do and when did he do it?