Friday, November 5, 2010

The New Normal - Part IX: Millions of Dollars Owed in Delinquent Property Taxes to CIty of Charlottesville, Albemarle County

Albemarle is owed more than $5 million, while Charlottesville is owed more than $1 Million, and Augusta County is owed more than $4 million.  Each total is about 1% of the locality's budget, according to NBC29.

Patricia Kluge tops the Albemarle list with $86,000 in back taxes owed on Kluge Estate Winery, which has massive $35+ M foreclosure filings and personal lawsuits against it. 

Halsey Minor tops Charlottesville's list with $62,000 for the failed and in-bankruptcy Landmark Hotel, which hasn't seen work since 2009.  Of course, this is "chickenfeed" compared to the $13 Million Minor owes California.

In Augusta County, packaging giant MeadWestvaco, which has laid off workers in the Commonwealth, owes $57,000.

Others on NBC29's list include ChVille Realty Corp, Bailey House, Parham Construction, Belvedere Station (Hauser), New Era Properties, Frank Pearce.

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The New Normal - A Multi-Part Series

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