Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello, 2011: Home Prices Falling Into Double Dip

Will 2010 seem like the salad days compared to 2011?  Sure is starting to seem that way.  Remember all that bs about Green Shoots in the economy?  That's what using the word "recovery" next to "housing" is like this winter.  Not.  Happening.  Here or anywhere else.

Housing's Double Bottom in 2010 and Slow Trudge in 2011 (SNL)
Nation on edge of double-dip in house prices (
U.S. Property Values Decline More Than Forecast in Case-Shiller (
Double-Dip In Housing Almost Here, According To Case-Shiller Index (
U.S. Housing "Recovery" Stalls (
Housing Double-Dip Ahead: Economist (
"Dr. Doom," Nouriel Roubini: 'Housing Prices Can Only Move Down' (
Housing Prices Commence Downward Price Movement: It was a mistake to ever suggest recovery (
Foreclosure Inventory Rising for 5th Straight Month, Nearly 2.2 Million Loans are 90+ Days Delinquent But Not Yet in Foreclosure (Mish)

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