Friday, January 14, 2011

Local Realtor Cautions Charlottesville Albemarle Area Sellers Against Being "Greedy"

What a difference a couple of years in a housing downturn make.  Back in 2008, despite large inventory, slow sales, and an acknowledged "buyers market," a local Realtor went on record in The Daily Progress suggesting  "buyers shouldn't be greedy" when negotiating prices and add-ons.

Now that the reality of low sales and high inventory has set up camp in this market,  Montague-Miller Realtor Pam Dent blogs about the advice of super RE pro Barbara Corcoran and cautions sellers not to be greedy.   

Corcoran, who is the real estate specialist for the Today show, also told sellers to get 3 broker opinions when looking for a listing agent.  Then give the listing to the one with the lowest price, because that is the honest broker. 

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Anonymous said...

"Greed is the enemy of profit."

Humpty said...

Barbara Corcoran is really talking about NYC which has survived this storm very well. However, NYC is a unique market. If this is what Ms. Corcoran is saying about NYC which is a stable market and still quite active imagine what she would say about the honesty of brokers in CVille!!!!!

Most sellers and brokers in CVille are completely detached from the reality. Time will erode those hopes but it seems that in CVille, in the words of Alexander Pope, "Hope springs eternal".